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SONOS HTCreate your perfect home theater system without running wires.
With four versatile performers – PLAYBAR, SUB, and a pair of rear speakers – you’ve got immersive 5.1 sound. And with it? The power to play anything with amazing sound.

On display and ready to demonstrate! Stop by our 3807 Reynolda Rd location for a free demonstration.

App-Tronics SmartNav 5

Smart Nav 5 header

App-Tronics Flag ship product, the SmartNav 5 is the first truly captive all in one updatable rearview mirror. That gives you GPS navigation turn by turn directions from iGO Primo fully featured Navigational software, DVR continuous recorder with its own SD card which preloads an ADR player for computer downloading, reverse HD camera, Bluetooth 4.0 with smartphone music integration directed thru vehicles audio system either by FM transmitter or auxiliary port access, music and video players, and photo viewer uploaded from one of its two micro 32GB SD card slots. Again all on a 5″ captive one touch screen, with OEM mounting available for nearly every make and model. It’s easy to use interface allowing drivers to have has few as 3 icons on the display screen.

SmartNav 5’s are now fitted with the same wireless technology as our Stealth systems, allowing it to also receive the alerts from the same front bumper mounted radar detector and laser diffusers. Along with the same updatable red light camera and speed trap database. Customers will now be able to purchase or upgrade their SmartNav 5’s to include these components.  This newest addition further demonstrates App-Tronics goal of setting an impossible bar to reach that will ensure SmartNav 5’s longevity as the best application rearview mirror on the market.

Now Offering Kicker Q-Class L7 Subwoofers


Now offering KICKER L7 Q-Class Subwoofers!

KICKER stunned the car-stereo world 14 years ago with the announcement of the world’s first square subwoofer, providing more cone area, more air movement, and more decibels than any like-sized woofer on the market. Now, the all new L7 is the foundation for the flagship launch of the prestigious 2015 Q-Class product line. The KICKER L7 Subwoofer again reaches new heights in technology and design, capturing the imaginations of 2015 CES Innovation Award judges and solidifying itself as the crown jewel among industry subwoofers.

The 2015 KICKER L7 Subwoofer delivers impactful bass with massive magnets for high SPL, large voice coils for extreme power handling and a rigid square cone assuring the most output possible. The L7 stands alone as the most unique subwoofer on the market, with a cone shape that is exclusively designed to produce more output.

KICKER engineers were confronted with a huge challenge: finding a way to genuinely improve on a masterpiece. The result is an all-new design worthy of being labeled the new reference for high-performance, low-frequency drivers. L7 represents a mobile-audio subwoofer to which there is no comparison for durability, quality or performance, but most of all for sound. The ultra-rigid, injection-molded square cone was a KICKER first, and now it’s stiffer than ever as the patented ribbed corners completely dictate cone motion. Simply put, the square cone represents more surface area than a similarly sized round cone, pushing more air than its counterpart. More air movement assures louder volume, and that’s what KICKER and Livin’ Loud is all about.

The woofer’s motor structure is like nothing else, computer-optimized with the largest voice coils to date for the most power handling (RMS) ever. Because of the extreme power, oversized magnets are utilized for precise voice-coil control, while finned, aluminum voice-coil heat sinks maximize heat dissipation and overall coil cooling for best results under stress. Low-carbon, solid extended poles allow for extremely long coil excursion and provide higher mass for better cooling. A durable, multi-material Blue-Lace spider furnishes superior cone alignment and control during excursion. The die-cast aluminum alloy basket is tough enough to defy warping or vibration, and make for the most efficient motor structure, and all polymer components, including a 360-degree protective cone brace, are laser-etched for the most positive bond strength possible. Variable, cross-section elastomeric surrounds provide extended linear excursion, and a stitched cone/surround attachment protects against any potential separation. All instill a mindset of toughness and durability.


Available models:

L715: 15″, 1200 watts, 2 or 4 ohms (DVC)

L712: 12″, 900 watts, 2 or 4 ohms (DVC)

L710: 10″, 750 watts, 2 or 4 ohms (DVC)

L78: 8″, 500 watts, 2 or 4 ohms (DVC)

3 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Car’s Sound System

improve your car sound system

Little Changes. Huge Sound. Little Cost.improve your car sound system

Do you feel those good vibrations? Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the music you listened to in your car sounded like a concert? No matter what kind of car you drive, small changes can give you big results this summer.

Take a look at 3 simple things to improve the music inside your car:

1. Listen closely. Choose one song that demonstrates a good range of bass and treble. Is there fuzziness? A simple readjustment of your car stereo controls can give you more clarity. Dial the bass back to its original or neutral setting. Then similarly adjust your balance, fade, and treble controls.

2. Fine tune to your ear. Beginning at a neutral setting, you can tweak the controls to balance the sounds. Remember that one song you chose to demonstrate a good range? You may listen to it a few times from the driver’s seat, front passenger’s seat and the back seat. When you reach the perfect setting, remember to write down the coordinates in a safe place (like on your mobile phone, for instance) so you can refer back to it if your teenager borrows your car.

3. Upgrade the speakers. Factory speakers that come with your car may be less than stellar. An aftermarket set of speakers can make a huge difference for a reasonable price. How reasonable? Give us a call, and we can give you a good idea once we know the model of your vehicle.

With a few changes, you could be cruising all summer long for a lot less than you might think. And don’t forget, new subscribers to “The Sound Wave” get $10 off a $25 purchase!

If you’re interested in improving your car stereo, drop by The StereoShop and have a listen. We’d love to help you upgrade and customize your car stereo system.

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Finding Love on the Radio at The StereoShop!

love on the radio

love on the radio“If you think that love isn’t found on the radio…well tune right in you may find the love you lost.”

Driving and your favorite music should be a match made in heaven. If you’re not head over heels in love with your car’s sound system, you might consider adding a little spice to your romance by upgrading with an after-market installation. There are some seductive options that are available for your car stereo – so many that you may not know where to start.

That’s when you need the help of The StereoShop! At The StereoShop, we have a whole team of matchmaking experts that can help you through the process of falling in love with your radio. It starts with what kind of vehicle you have, so we’ll know what parts are needed for your model of car.

So many choices! Like any good love match service, we have a database that will give you a list of compatible options. We start with finding out what kind of dash kit, wiring harness and an antenna adapter you’ll need. Certain cars also need a line level adaptor to serve as a data interface for the amplifier. Many of these items are regularly stocked at The StereoShop, so your relationship can get started off on the right foot.

Occasionally, some newer cars with a corporate panel cannot be fitted with a dash kit at all, but we’ll be able to tell you if you just aren’t compatible.

The first date. Once we know what kind of vehicle you have, we’ll take you into The StereoShop Sound Room. Here, you can speed date with various radios and speakers, push buttons, experiment, and narrow down what you really like. This is a good time to talk about what’s important to you. Do you want the option of streaming or playing from your iPod? Do you want to make things interesting with video capability for your passengers or steering wheel control for you?

We’ll help you decide how you want to customize your sound, you can get an estimate and schedule your first date: installation. Some installations can be done in as little as two hours You’ve got to love that!

Relationship Woes. So what if there are bumps in the road later on? Manufacturers’ warranties will vary by radio model; they’re usually for one or two years. The StereoShop provides a lifetime warranty on our labor. If a screw vibrates out, we re-secure it. If something we did (or failed to do) causes your radio to stop working, we will repair it free of charge.

Are you ready for love?! Call us with your questions or to drop by The StereoShop to look around. Any of our staff members can talk price or special features or give you an estimate for your installation. Spend a little time at TheStereoShop, take your favorite music for a drive, and find your long lost love on the radio.

What $20 Will Buy You

twenty dollars

twenty dollarsSo you’re in the market to upgrade your radio. In the Sound Room at The StereoShop we have a basic after market JVC radio that we sell for $99. When you listen to it, you might think that it’s just what you need. It’s a good, solid product that gives great sound. And that’s what you want – right?

Well, we’re all about saving money at The StereoShop, but sometimes, we have to tell you about the little extras that will turn a great product into an amazing deal. For example, that $99 radio has an upgrade that includes color change, satellite capability, USB, and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

And, the upgrade is only $119. So basically, for an additional $20 you’ll get a whole new level of options for your radio – an upgrade to your upgrade.

Satellite, color change USB, and warranty – all for $20! You can’t beat that.

Come see us today, and let us help you choose and schedule your upgrade – and maybe your upgraded upgrade!

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