Got Apps? Got Control! Discover Control4 MyHome Application

myhome control 4 appDo you have days when the world seems a little crazy and out-of-control?

Allow yourself to come home to a place where control rests in your hands. With a MyHome app, you can easily transform your smart phone, tablet or computer into a Control4 touch interface.

With a light sweep of your fingers or the touch of a button, you can customize and control your home automation system.

That means you choose and set the temperature, lighting, music, movies and so much more in your home – whether you are at home or not! A single device or multiple-device license allows you to make choices from an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, PC or Mac.

In a Control4 enabled home, MyHome apps manage your preferences by working with your system over your Wi-Fi network. Even when you prefer an Android, and your spouse depends on an iPad, your home can be controlled by either.

It’s so convenient to be able to use your phone or iPad to turn up the heat so your house will be warm when you get home, unlock the door remotely for the cleaning service, or check to see if you’ve turned off the iron.

From installation onward, connections are made secure; only authorized devices may access your system.

There really is an app for that. Talk to the experts at The StereoShop and find out how the Control4 app could simplify your life and put control back in your hands.

If you’d like more information, drop by The StereoShop and let’s talk.