Control4. What Can it Do For You?

control 4 optionsHome automation never looked better. Have you thought about the possibilities? With Control4 installed, you could have the following choices in the palm of your hand:

1. They’re playing my song! You can pre-program the songs you love to wake you up and have the morning news program playing when you enter the kitchen.

2. I’m here, baby!. A camera or intercom set up in your baby’s room can help you listen or watch out for her cries.

3. Setting the mood. A sweep of your fingers, and the blinds are lowered, the lights turned down, and your favorite movie is cued to start.

4. Is someone at the door? You’ll know for sure because when your doorbell rings, the movie pauses automatically, and thanks to a camera at the front door, you can see who’s at your door on your television screen.

5. Buzz them in. If you need to let someone into your home while you’re away, you can unlock the door remotely. No more leaving the key under the mat!

6. Lower your energy bills. When you’re not home, the system powers down to conserve energy. At the programmed time, it can power up again, either cooled or heated just the way you like it by the time you walk into the front door.

7. Did you turn off the iron?! With Home automation, you can check and make sure.

8. Special needs. Enable adults and children with limited mobility; they just need to push an icon on an iPad to turn up lights or turn on a favorite movie.

9. Someone to watch over me. Control4 can provide dependable alarms for children or the elderly. A system could be configured to activate lighting and sounds to wake the caretaker when a Alzheimer’s patient gets out of bed at night. Lights may be programmed to flash or alarms to sound when your toddler opens an entry door.

These are just a few of the scenarios that Control4 could create in your home. The home automation possibilities are endless.

If you’d like to find out more about a smart home and what it can do for you, contact the experts at The Stereo Shop. Give us your ideas, and let us put home control at your fingertips!

A Control4 Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started with home automation. Find out how!