Free Programming for Your New Remote!

universal remoteWhich remote turns on the Christmas music, and which one goes with the game system? Where’s the remote for the television…and what happened to the one for the satellite?

Get a Universal Remote, and there will be no more trying to figure out which remote control you need, because we’ll combine them all into one unit! One unit will turn on Rudolph, your new Wii system, the Hallelujah Chorus – and even your fireplace and Christmas lights!

Just in time for the Christmas programming, when you buy a Universal Remote, we’ll program it for FREE! We’ll set up your remote for a television and up to three components, like that surround receiver, DVD/BluRay player, your Cable/Satellite receiver, or your gas logs. We’ll make sure it’s all coordinated correctly, and demonstrate to you how to use it.

You don’t know how badly you need a Universal Remote until you get one. And it’s a great gift idea for those people on your list who seriously have everything!

In order to get the free programming, you need to mention this ad. You can also contact us through email, on Facebook or by phone to take advantage of the discount.

Additional parts and labor may be required (example: Rf (radio frequency) and Bluetooth control through doors and walls, multi zone programming). Programming is limited to one page of TV channel favorites.

This offer is now expired.