Imagine This…

custom speaker in kickplateImagine you’re at a concert listening to your favorite band. You have the best seats in the house, right up front where you can see and hear everything perfectly. It’s like everyone is playing right to you. The sound is clear and unmuddled, so you can localize each musician as they play.

The ideal stereo system works the same way. The speakers are aimed – or ‘imaged’ right at you, with clear, crisp sound that sounds like it’s live.

Imaging a car stereo is not easy. Often, older cars have factory speakers that are very small and not well located, so you have to fabricate a spot for custom speakers to go. Lots of installers just cut a hole into the car door, but then the sound fires toward your leg. At The StereoShop, when we run into this situation, we move speakers forward into the kickplate, and “imaging” them by pointing them toward the driver’s head.

In newer cars, speakers are usually located well, but the time alignment is not good. We fix this by relocating speakers when necessary, and also by improving the time alignment process. (Read more about time alignment here.)

The experts at The StereoShop use stereo imaging to create a sweet spot, so when you’re riding down the road listening to your favorite band, the music will be playing right to you, and it will be easy to imagine that you’re hearing it live.