Sonos Rocks.

sonos music systemIntroducing Sonos: the Wireless HiFi Music System…Feel the sun on your face or the earth moving under your feet. Sense the movement of your yacht on a gently stirring sea, or perceive the wind underneath your wings. Let the inspired sounds take you there. Close your eyes, and you’ll recognize where you are.

With Sonos added to your home theater system, you’re no longer a spectator. Experience an amazing sound system that accurately delivers low massive notes yet also maintains crisp centered vocals. Immerse yourself in wireless HiFi sound in every room of your home.

And when your movie’s ended, sing your own song. Or just listen. You can play all the music in the world in every room in your home. Expand your repertoire to selections from over 100,000 radio stations, podcasts and shows. Or tune into favorites from your own library.

Discover radical simplicity. The complexity and choices available from a wireless internet can be delivered to you with the touch of your smartphone or tablet. Change the music provider. Turn it up or down, one room at a time or in sync. You choose.

A simple set up allows anything already plugged into your TV to be played and controlled by your smartphone: video game consoles, satellite boxes and Blu-Ray players. And yes, your Sonos system can also be coordinated with Control4.

Sound amazing? Come by The StereoShop for a Sonos demonstration that will rock your world.

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