The StereoShop’s Match Game 2013

Which Prices are Lower?


Everybody wants to save money. That’s why is a popular site for comparing prices of car stereo installation accessories. Maybe you’ve checked a price there yourself to see if you’re getting a fair deal somewhere else.

Here’s the thing: did you know that The StereoShop sells many products at even lower prices than listed on!
Why pay the same price or more online or at a store where you might not get knowledgeable service? You can drop by The
StereoShop and listen to demos of several products in the showroom before you buy. When you find your favorite, you can buy it and take it home.

Or if you choose, schedule an installation with The StereoShop experts. Installation prices are at a lower cost when you purchase the products here.

You might have thought that a place like The StereoShop would mark up products drastically, but take a look at these comparisons for items for a 2002 Honda Accord

Antennas and Radio Interface Replacements list for the same price here and on

You already know about the quality products you can count on, the expert staff members and the warranties for work done at The StereoShop. Now you know that you can save money too.

Drop by The StereoShop and have a listen. Look around. Check your price with another company, and be pleasantly surprised. With reasonable prices like these, you’ll always win at this Match Game.

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